Testimonies of Healing



I want to share with you testimonies drawn from the many patients that I have done healing ministry with and have been dramatically healed from a wide variety of very serious illnesses.

For more than five years, I have done frequent ministry in the hospital ICU’s, medical and surgical wards and rehabilitation units in my community bringing love, prayer and the healing of God and Jesus Christ to seriously ill patients. I have also ministered to very ill patients at home and on the street. I see miraculous healings even with the most challenging cases.

I am blessed to work with the most difficult cases in the hospital: people suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, crush injuries, falling off roofs, 3rd degree burns from arson, spinal cord strokes, quadriplegics, patients with morbid obesity who are in lung failure, multiple organ system failures and deaf and blind from illness. These are patients whose doctors often say are totally hopeless or have only limited chance of recovery.

Each time I go to the hospital, I am incredibly touched and moved by being in the direct presence of God and watching His amazing love and healing miracles in so many patients. Through the hand of God, I seeparalyzed patients walk again, the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

Benefits of a Hospital Based Ministry

One of the benefits of doing a hospital ministry is that it counters the criticisms that one hears frequently about doing healing ministry on the street or in a prayer line at church. These encounters are usually brief and there is rarely any follow up unless you take the person’s contact information and establish an ongoing relationship with them, which is often not done.

As a result, people question the results. Are these healings real? Do they last? How can you really prove that the patient got better with a short prayer encounter and without any medical testing or evaluation?

During their stay in the hospital, it is important to be aware that the patients are constantly being monitored and reevaluated. The seriously ill patients in the ICU's and other units are often there for weeks and even months. They only leave the hospital when they are discharged by the medical staff. I am able to develop ongoing longer term relationships with the patients and their families and receive much beneficial feedback about how the patient is doing. I can often see dramatic physical signs of God’s healing as patients moves from the ICU’s to the open wards of the hospital.

I have been so inspired as a faith filled medical doctor and minister to be able to see God consistently create healings in very ill patients that often defy logic and are even medically impossible. Every time that I go to the hospital, I love seeing God respond to my prayers and heal the sick so dramatically.

Vision Dramatically Healed!  
I prayed for a very nice woman today who has a severe relapsing form of multiple sclerosis. She was in the hospital a number of months ago but her condition was deteriorating and her medications weren’t working. So she was readmitted for more treatment.

When I first prayed for her, her vision was blurred and she had double vision and could only see a few feet in front of her and then literally couldn’t see anything except a blur. Her muscles were so rigid and fixed from the disease that she couldn’t even lift or even barely move her foot or lift her leg.

With prayer, her vision dramatically cleared. Her visual field was improved and enlarged so that she could see a much greater distance without blurriness or double vision. Her muscles became much more supple, strong and flexible so she could move her legs and feet and lift her legs and feet up and down. I left feeling very happy and excited by God’s incredible healing. .

Amazing Arm Growth!
I prayed for an 85 year old man in the ICU who was on life support who had a withered and shrunken up right arm that he held curled up by his shoulder. The arm looked diminutive, much smaller than it’s normal size, and was frozen in place so he couldn’t move it at all. It was totally paralyzed. The nurse taking care of him told me that he was also in a lot of pain. I talked to his daughter and she told me that his arm had always been that way.

Medically, that arm looked absolutely hopeless but I prayed over it anyway and left.  When I returned, to my absolute shock, his withered and shrunken arm had totally grown out and was now a normal length. The arm had filled out and looked like a normal healthy arm. He now had two healthy looking matching arms. He lifted the arm from his pillow and showed me that he could now move it up and down which he did many times. His nurse gave me a big smile and said that he was doing great and was also now out of pain. Every time I would go back and visit him he would give me a big smile and lift his arm up and down to show me how well it was working!

Breathing Restored! 
I am ministering to a man in the hospital ICU with multiple gunshot wounds in his body. His biggest immediate problem, though, was his lungs- his lungs were a total disaster!!

He couldn’t breathe on his own and was really struggling with his bad lung condition. He was being given oxygen through a hole created in the front of his neck called a tracheostomy. This is usually done when the person’s lungs have failed or there is obstruction in the lung.

He was constantly coughing and could barely talk. His lungs were so full of fluid and secretions that he was frequently having his lungs suctioned to take the fluid out. Every time he breathed, he made loud bubbling, crackling sounds that you could hear even without a stethoscope. This is usually due to obstruction in the airway passages of the lungs. I prayed over him very intensely asking God to bless him and heal his lungs.

When I went back two days later, I was thrilled to find that his lungs were now completely healed. He told me that God had healed him that night, soon after I prayed for him. His lungs were now totally dry, no more fluid, coughing or sounds of obstruction in the lungs of any kind. I was so happy to see him breathing so comfortably. I praised God for his love and mercy and for answering my prayers!!

Incredible Weight Loss from Receiving Prayer!
I have been very excited by the incredible cases of supernatural weight loss that I have been seeing through God’s love and power. The most amazing act of God was his healing of a man who was morbidly obese at almost 700 pounds. He was admitted to the ICU and was  in lung failure and couldn’t breathe on his own. His doctors in the ICU created a hole in his neck, a tracheostomy, so that he could breathe artificially through a ventilator! He was given only a 30% chance of living when he was first admitted.

I began to pray for him and he began to have incredible miracle weight loss. Every time he would receive prayer, he would drop 30 or 50 more pounds. He lost an astounding, almost 250 pounds within a month! This is medically impossible! Only God can create this amazing weight loss. When he was discharged from the hospital he was breathing on his own. I saw him a year later when he was readmitted for a day to get IV treatment for a leg infection and he looked great and had kept off the weight.

Another patient lost 100 pounds within 3 weeks after regaining normal consciousness and ability to speak and interact. When he first came to the hospital, he was uncommunicative and rather violent. When I would go into the hospital, he would lunge at me and try to bite me. I kept praying for him, even though I felt intimidated by his behavior. After several sessions of prayer, he calmed down and began to supernaturally lose huge amounts of weight. Before he was discharged, I visited him and he teared up and began to cry. It was very touching. He said that if I had not visited him and stood by him in prayer, he would have never recovered. Even the nurses told him that he had received a miracle!

Yet another obese patient that I prayed for was in respiratory failure due to obesity and suffered from sleep apnea. He was in the ICU breathing through a tracheostomy and on a ventilator. God healed him and he has supernaturally lost more than 50 pounds in 2 weeks despite eating a normal diet. He lost 70 pounds within 2 1/2 weeks before being discharged from the ICU.

Burns Healed! 
I prayed for a man whose house had burned down in a serious fire. Luckily, he was pulled out of the fire but was left with serious burns on his arms and legs with extensive scabs and wounds that were being treated in the hospital ICU. Burns that are this severe would usually take 6 months to one year to heal!

I prayed to God and Jesus for his healing and when I returned to see him several days later, I was thrilled to see that the scabs on his arms and upper body had fallen off and he was left with beautiful, smooth looking baby-like skin. His family told us that this wonderful miracle of God had happened the same night after I prayed.

I prayed for a similar healing for his legs and lower body, and again God and Jesus answered these prayers and the scabs fell off of his legs that night too, leaving beautiful healed skin without scars. He was soon discharged from the hospital.

Out of a Coma! 
I love being a medical doctor who is blessed to do ministry - It is such a gift from God! I recently ministered to a little 5 year old girl who was seriously ill in the pediatric ICU. She had been in a very bad car crash in which the car was totaled and she was in a coma for several weeks with a brain injury. The doctors had to open her head and put in tubes to drain out fluid and blood to relieve pressure on the brain. She also broke her jaw and arm and couldn't breathe on her own and was on assisted breathing

I started to pray for her and she healed very fast. She came out of the coma with no signs of brain injury. She was talking, laughing and healthy. Very quickly she was up walking and the cast on her broken arm was taken off. The hospital sent her home a month ahead of schedule!!! I also got to pray for her father several times who was in great pain from a broken thigh bone and fracture of his hip. With God's love, his pain was greatly relieved. Praise God for these wonderful healings!!! Love Susan

Healing Mercy! 
I have been praying at the hospital for a man who is a wonderful example of God’s love, mercy and redemption. He was injured while doing a robbery. While stealing, he lost his balance and fell straight down and broke his back.

While in the ambulance he realized that he was paralyzed and couldn’t feel his feet. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital and emergency surgery was done. He was then transferred to the hospital where I was doing ministry. God has blessed this man and him a second chance at life. Within a few days, he went from being paralyzed to standing up and walking again. The second time that I prayed for him,  he crawled on all fours and did push-ups as well as walked. He also showed me some pretty amazing leg movements from his hospital bed!

He is so full of gratitude towards God for his healing and God’s love and mercy towards him. He prayed for me after I did my prayers for him!! All praise goes to God for his love and blessings!

Hearing Restored! 
I ministered to an elderly man who was deaf and could only hear if you stood right next to him and talked very loudly right into his ears. After prayer, his ears popped open and his hearing returned. I kept backing away from him, moving farther and farther away and he could hear perfectly everything that I said. It was very exciting. He has maintained his greatly improved hearing on all my subsequent visits. This is a wonderful healing gift from God!!!

Abundant Life Restored! 
I prayed for a man who was in the ICU with a massive stroke, lung failure, and heart failure. He was not expected to live. He was paralyzed and his children were planning his funeral. His wife called me and said that after I prayed for him, he opened his eyes, looked at her, started to talk, asked for food to eat and could move his left leg and left hand and arm which had been totally paralyzed. Praise God!

Legs Healed! 
I love the transforming effect of God's love in people's lives. I've been praying for a man who was in constant pain and could hardly walk from extreme trauma and injury to his legs and knees. Even walking a few feet caused unbearable discomfort. The cartilage was worn away so he had bone grinding on bone. Knee surgery had failed and he couldn't work at all doing heavy lifting and construction, his regular job. By the time I saw him he was basically an invalid and could only walk in slow motion.

After prayer, he had a dramatic healing! The pain is gone and he can now walk again!! He started to work again and was even able to do heavy construction work and lifting and still remain pain-free which was a total miracle. Even more amazing is how God has healed his mind and heart.

He is getting his tattoos removed because he said that they represented his past life. He wants to go back to school, get an education, start a new career and a new life and be much closer in his relationship with God. I was so touched by God's love and redemption of this man!

Eyes wide open! 

I was at the hospital last night and prayed for a woman with brain cancer, a very bad disease. She had recently come out of surgery and was having complications from the procedure

Her mother was staying with her at the hospital and told me that she felt very depressed because her daughter was out of it and her eyes were shut and she wasn’t responding at all to anything her mom said

So I commanded her eyes to open in the name of Jesus and her eyes popped open wide and she responded to my questions by shaking her head yes or no (she was on the ventilator for breathing so couldn’t talk) I asked her to say the names of God and Jesus and she tried to form the words with her mouth.

Her mother was so thrilled and happy to see her daughter respond. It was so awesome to see God’s love for her- we serve such a great and loving God!

Eyes Healed! 
I prayed for a seriously ill woman who was totally blind in the right eye and had almost no vision in the left eye. Her eyes were so clouded over that you couldn’t even see her pupils.

I spent time praying for her,  giving her love and her vision began to come back, First, she could begin to see a little of the light in the room which got brighter and brighter. Then, she could actually start to see shapes and finally she could see my yellow medical gown, the blue rubber gloves, my dark brown tee shirt and the outline and color of my hair It was incredibly fun and so inspiring to work with her and see God – our Father the source of power- healing her blindness. By the end of the prayer session, I was amazed to see that even the cloudiness of her eyes was disappearing and I could begin to see her pupils again!

Neurological Function Restored!
I had the great honor of praying for a man in the hospital who was in a serious car accident. His truck rolled down an embankment at midnight. He was thrown from the truck onto a rock pile while the truck was totally demolished.

By a miracle of God, he was found and taken by helicopter to the hospital where he was diagnosed to have a fracture of his 2nd cervical vertebrae and many other cervical vertebrae. This is very high up in the neck and should have been comparable to the injury that Christopher Reeves had meaning that he would have no movement or sensation throughout most of his body and would be wheelchair bound for his entire life. It also meant that he would not be able to breathe on his own and would be dependent on a ventilator. 

I visited him frequently and prayed for him in the ICU. God healed him so fast that sensation and movement began to return to his arms and legs almost immediately. Every time I prayed, I found that more of his neurological and muscular function was being restored by God. He healed so fast that he was transferred out of the ICU to the rehab ward very quickly, within the week. By the time he left the hospital his was feeding himself, using the computer, and except for the need for a brace on his right lower leg was walking again on his own.

He was so touched by his healing miracle that he wanted to be an inspiration to others after he returned home. A true miracle and blessing of our great and loving God!

Vasculitis Healed! 
I was blessed to pray for a man with vasculitis, a serious disease of the blood vessels. He had disfiguring skin lesions all over his body and was on assisted breathing on a ventilator in the ICU. With prayer, God gave him a great healing. All of his skin lesions dropped off and his skin became totally clear except for a small area of one foot. His lungs totally healed and he was breathing again on his own.

Healed after Stroke! 

I prayed for a man who was paralyzed on his right side from a stroke. The stroke also affected his speaking ability and he was only able to speak in a garbled manner. He could only speak gibberish and you couldn’t understand anything that he said

After praying for him, I was thrilled to see him lift his right arm off the chair and regain his speech. The first words out of his mouth were “Praise the Lord!”

His strength and motor function improved greatly with prayer and he maintained his ability to speak normally. God is so good!

ALS Pain Gone! 

 I did prayer and laying of the hands on a woman who is suffering from a terminal illness called ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which paralyzes the muscles and nerves. She had a headache and neck and back pain that she described as 15/10 not 10/10. With prayer and laying of the hands, all her pain disappeared instantly. She was thrilled!

C1-4 Cervical Vertebrae Healed!

 One of my favorite patients was discharged from the hospital yesterday. He was truly a miracle of God's love and healing. He was in a horrible car crash and broke his neck with a very high up injury of the C1-4 cervical vertebrae. He arrived at the ICU lucky to still be alive but totally destroyed. He had emergency surgery on his neck which was full of hardware. His doctors had placed his head in a halo, which is like a big cage, to keep his neck stable. He was hooked up to the breathing device since he couldn't breathe on his own, was full of tubes and IV's and couldn't move any part of his body from the top of his shoulders down. Yet, with healing prayer, he started to move his arms and legs, built up his strength very fast and left the hospital able to walk again. I have pictures of him going from being in a halo and neck brace, sitting in a wheel chair, to standing in triumph next to his wheel chair on the last day of his stay in the hospital since he's walking again. He is totally amazed and very grateful to God for healing him against all odds!

Off of Dialysis! 
I prayed for a very ill woman with severe diabetes who had kidney failure, was on kidney dialysis, had big bruises and sores on her legs that her doctors told her couldn’t heal After prayer her kidneys are recovering. She is off dialysis and her sores and bruises are healing too. Blessings from God!!

Free From Pain! 

 I want to share a really positive testimony of God's healing. I've been working with a patient in the hospital who was badly injured from a motorcycle accident. He had major surgery on his back- the doctors had to fuse his back and put in rods and screws -a lot of hardware- because of all the damage from the accident. He was in excruciating pain all the time. The pain medication helped some but really wasn't covering him.

I was in his room visiting and he was really complaining about the pain. At that moment, the nurse came in and told him that he couldn't have the pain medicine right then because the doctor's order wasn't clear and they were trying to get clarification from the on-call doctor since it was evening. He was so desperate to get some relief from his pain that he was almost begging the nurse for the pain medication.

I offered to do laying of the hands to help him get some relief. So with his permission I laid my hands on his back where he had the surgery and prayed for pain relief. God did such a great job of relieving his pain that he calmed right down and fell asleep. I've done laying of hands on him several times for pain relief and it's been incredibly helpful. He's now totally out of pain, healing well and doing great with his feeling and movement being restored, too!! I love God so much for his kindness and compassion for us, his children. All praise to God for this wonderful healing!!

No Cancer! 
 I prayed for an elderly woman who had a colon mass. Her doctors had a high level level of suspicion that it was cancer. I prayed for healing prior to surgery and when the doctors operated on her they found no sign of cancer at all!

More Life to Live!
Last week we ministered to a woman and her family who was in the medical ICU and was considered terminal with a number of serious ailments. The family had said the hospital staff was going to disconnect her from life support shortly at their doctor’s suggestion. She was considered hopeless and incurable. God healed her and this amazing patient has come back and is now stabilized and will be leaving the hospital today. All glory to Jesus Christ!

Fall Injury Healed! 
I want to share a wonderful testimony of a patient that I prayed for at the hospital. I met him in the ICU right when he was admitted to the hospital.

This patient was in the hospital because he had fallen off the top of a building. He fell 7 stories to his certain death on the concrete sidewalk below. But God was there as his safety net and he walked away with no injuries except for a very black and blue broken left lower leg.

While we held hands and prayed together, I could feel God's presence strongly in the room. It made me think of all the times that God acts as a safety net in all of our lives, loving us and helping us to turn disaster into triumph.

When I returned within a day or so to visit this patient again, I was thrilled to see that God had even healed all the huge black and blue bruising of his leg and his leg was now a normal color!! A few days later, the doctors even removed the pins and traction on his leg and he was discharged shortly thereafter! An incredibly wonderful supernatural recovery from God!!

Walking Again! 

I was at a birthday party in the day room for a woman who had broken her neck in a car crash. She was in her hospital bed wearing a neck brace while all of her family was around her cheering and giving her gifts. We celebrated with her, too, and I was so excited as I prayed for her.

Patients with neck fractures are normally supposed to be crippled and live in a wheel chair from these types of injuries– but God is healing her and she is already up walking again and will leave the hospital, a great victory for God!!

Skateboarding Injury Healed! 

 I prayed for a man whose right side of his face paralyzed from a skateboarding accident. He couldn’t blink and his eye was extremely dry and infected. Now the eye is fine, the infection has cleared up, tearing has returned and he can blink.

Crush Injury Healed! I am praying at the hospital for a man who was in a horrible car accident in which his jeep flipped over upside down and backwards and landed on him. Imagine what it would be like to be pinned under a car with its full weight on top of you! He was pinned under the car for 15 minutes while his friend got a tractor to pull the car off of him. The weight of the car crushed his hips and pelvic bones and he was taken to emergency surgery and hardware-including rods, bars and 14 screws - was put into his smashed and broken bones.

Yet, God is healing him in the most incredible way!! He has feeling and movement back in his legs and entire lower body! He can now move his legs and feet and even do weight bearing (against his doctor's orders) He goes to the hospital gym to do exercises and work out and has had amazing strength and energy return to his muscles and entire body - he is healing so well and so fast. He looks amazingly great and is so grateful for all God has been doing for him!! Praise our loving and compassionate God!

Car Accident Healing!
I have been praying for a patient in the ICU who was in a head on car collision which she miraculously survived by a total miracle of God. She would have died had it not been for God's love, mercy and grace. Many bones in her body were broken including a broken neck, 7 ribs, her right arm and right leg and all of her facial bones along with head injury. Both of her lungs were punctured, her liver was broken almost in two pieces. She suffered from severe pain, especially in her broken arm and leg.

I have been praying for her and God's healing is incredible! All of her facial bones and skin bruises have healed perfectly so there is no sign of injury. Her broken neck occurred in the worst place, high up by the base of the head. This is a very severe injury and she would normally be a total quadriplegic with no sensation or feeling in her entire body yet God has restored all feeling and movement in her arms and legs. Her pain is greatly decreased and she is alert and strong and starting to talk again. She is a testimony to the goodness of God and is on the road to a total miracle recovery! Praise God for His wonderful love and blessings!



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