Program– Collaborative Prayer Program
Purpose  – This exciting aspect of the MSH program will bring all of our students together to pray and worship as one body in Christ. Students will have the opportunity to share and post prayer requests from their personal and professional lives both for themselves and for others. There will also be healing prayer assignments from the instructors that can include prayer requests for healing from our Founder, Dr. Susan RIchards's Facebook ministry which has over 1,000,000 followers, our 1-800 ministry line, healing prayer for community and world events and other topics. We will constantly be requesting feedback and testimonies concerning the effectiveness of our corporate prayer programs on those that we prayed for. 

We will begin each session with prayer and worship as a student body and then go into the healing prayer part of the class itself. 

By using the Webinar format with our hub locations the program will also enable the students and instructors to develop community and interconnectedness. It will enable us to draw close together as a body in Christ and develop relationship with one another.


  • Worship
  • Collaborative Prayer
  • Creative Arts Programs and Events.