Healing Prayer for the Whole Person...for the Whole World




Program– Healing Prayer
Purpose  – this component of the Medical School of Healing program provides a broad range of teaching which establishes the student in developing prayerful and thoughtful healing techniques, as well as methods and skills that are essential for praying for and healing the sick and wounded. In this component of the curriculum students will learn the principles and practices that will better enable them to pray for the sick while in intimacy with God while maintaining a healthy spiritual life.  The healing prayer component also takes an in depth look at Jesus’ model for healing in the Gospels, how the apostles were empowered by the Holy Spirit to heal the sick after Jesus left the Earth, as well as an in depth look into references in scripture for angelic assistance in healing ministry.


  • Creating Intimacy With God as a Healer
  • Clearing the Mind: Creating a Quiet Space Within for Intimacy with God before Praying
  • Praying for The Sick- Principles of Break-Through Prayers
  • Testimonies of God's Healing of Illness From Our Medical Ministry for Critically Ill Hospital Patients, Home and Street Ministry
  • The Etiquette of How to Approach Sick Patients and How to Interact With Their Families
  • When People Don’t Get Healed
  • Learning to Pray with Love and Compassion 
  • Building Your Faith and Hope for Healing Ministry
  • How Jesus Healed the Sick
  • Healings by the Apostles After Empowerment by Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Healing with the Holy Spirit in Scripture
  • The Role of God's Angels in Healing in the 
  • Stories from the Scriptures of Health and Disease, God's Signs and Wonders are Alive Today Part 1 & Part 2
  • Inner Healing Methods
  • The Role of God in Inner Healing Prayer
  • and much more