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Our Medical Ministry of anointed doctors, nurses and prayer intercessors goes all over the San Francisco Bay area as well the United States doing healing services and events that are blessed with God's healing miracles and love. 

We take care of children, men and women of all ages and see healing no matter how hopeless!

We bring health to many people with incurable illnesses that cannot be healed medically. All of our healing is done with love and compassion and we see the most incredible healings and blessings of God though our Medical Ministry. We do not charge for our services and do all our work on donations and gifts. 

We are here for you, your family and friends in your greatest time of need for healing. 

Much love and blessings!

Your friends at Medical Ministry.

Together we can bring transformation and healing to our world.

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Only God can cure disease! I prayed for a man this weekend with severe diabetes that was not well controlled. His blood sugar reads were so high that he was almost in a coma and would have needed to be hospitalized. He also suffered from severe neuropathy and was in constant pain that was almost unbearable. Diabetes is such a bad disease since it causes kidney failure, neuropathy, blindness, heart disease and amputations over time. It is crucial to regulate this illness medically with medication and diet but God can do so much more! He can cure it!

With prayer the man had an instant healing and his severe leg pain from the neuropathy disappeared immediately and he told everyone around him that the pain was gone and he was totally in shock to be pain free after so many years of suffering. He also tested his blood sugar level and it was normal as well. A wonderful supernatural, miracle healing of the Lord! Praise God our wonderful and merciful father!

God healed me through your ministry”

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